Oregon Inclusionary Zoning Coalition’s Info Pack
Please feel free to print the document below and share it with the people you know. The more people know about this issue, the more likely we’ll be able to lift the ban on inclusionary zoning in Oregon.

IZ Info Kit

The Current IZ Situation
The documents below hold information on the current effort to lift the ban on IZ and the need of affordable housing in Oregon.

IZ White Paper
Oregon Housing Needs

What is IZ and how can we achieve it?
These papers discuss the concept of IZ, how to implement it, and most importantly, how beneficial it is for our communities. The details of this publishing are mainly dedicated to explaining what the approach would look like if the efforts to lift the ban on IZ were lifted.

IZ Policy Overview
BPI IZ Report
HUD IZ Overview

What are other cities achieving through IZ?
The following articles discuss the efforts of implementing IZ in large American cities such as San Francisco, New York City, Boston, and Washington DC. They discuss how IZ was implemented along with statistical data about the percentages of units dedicated to Inclusionary Zoning as well as the continuing efforts to encourage (and possibly force) developers to dedicate more percentages of new developments towards Inclusionary Zoning.

American Planning Association’s IZ Overview
NYU’s Center for Housing Policy’s IZ Overview

IZ Efforts in Oregon
The following articles discuss the recent efforts in Oregon to repeal the ban and pass IZ. Specifically, they discuss a Fair Housing Plan with the hopes of building welcoming communities with healthy diversity and less segregation based on socioeconomic and ethnic statuses. These plans also seek to provide equal opportunities for every individual and family in Oregon whether in regards to access to good schools, public transit, and better proximity to workplace, among many others.

Washington County Consolidated Plan
Multnomah County 2011 Fair Housing Plan